BADG (Black Artists + Designers Guild) is a curated collective of Black Artists + Designers throughout the African diaspora. We create contemporary art, textiles, furniture,  interiors, and architecture for bespoke residential, commercial and hospitality spaces. BADG was created by an unapologetically Black female creative entrepreneur, Malene Barnett of Malene B.

Our mission is to create a global platform showcasing the works of Black Artists + Designers of the African diaspora who are passionate about creating art, home furnishings, interior + exterior spaces around the world.



BADG started out of the frustration of the lack of visibility for Black Artists + Designers who create bespoke art + design for residential, commercial, and hospitality environments. Instead of continuing to be frustrated, Malene decided to create an online space to showcase the many talents of artists, designers, colleagues, and new connections she’s met during her world travels.

Our story starts with our leaders in the creative world. We are not “minority” “ethnic” or “exotic” designers. We are a collective of unapologetic Black Artists + Designers with a point-of-view that is innovative, creative, and a necessary factor in the conversation.


Whether you’re:

  • A media professional looking to feature our work, or for a panelist for your next event

  • A homeowner or business looking to design/decorate your home or commercial space

  • A property developer seeking to commission an artist

  • An architect or interior designer looking to collaborate with a maker

  • An aspiring artist or designer in need of inspiration

The BADG platform is a resource for you.

In addition, we want you to be a part of our community by joining us on our mission to make art and design created by Black folks a part of daily conversations in art and design.



Jack Travis

Sheila Bridges



(1) Browse our Directory and contact the entrepreneur(s) you wish to work with

(2) Apply to become a member

(3) Take the Pledge, share it with a friend.

(4) Post on your social media channels and use hashtag #WeAreBADG #badguild

(5) Contact us for additional questions, suggestions and or comments.