Bailey Li Interiors



Category: Interior Design
Location: North America

Bailey Li is a Decorative Artist, Interior decorator, and Designer/Curator of insanely stylish spaces. Bailey discovered her passion for decorating homes while working as a successful Real Estate agent in 2003. Drawn to the architecture & character of the homes in the historical districts of So.Orange and maplewood NJ she began providing home staging services to homeowners that were looking to sell. In order to appeal to the influx of professionals from NYC she mastered the skill of combining antiques and rare vintage pieces with modern colors, elements & textures. This resulted in stylishly blended interiors that made the homes sell almost immediately. Naturally once their homes sold, her clients were calling her to decorate their new homes as well. She realized she had a gift, a natural talent to create spaces that made the inhabitants feel amazing. She began to focus more on decorating and designing. It was then that she was able to truly express her full creative vision and watch it translate into stunning environments. She is known for her ability to select unique antique/vintage pieces and combine them with artistic and modern elements resulting in beautiful, functional, original spaces.