Baughaus Design



Savanna-la-mar, Jamaica

Category: Ceramics
Location: Caribbean

Savanna-la-mar, Jamaica is home to BAUGHaus Design Studio, a tiny studio that designs and makes Jamaican hand-made ceramics, lighting, furniture and soft goods for the home infused with Jamaican ‘Roots & Culture”.

The product line is clean and modern but warm at the same time, a true expression of Tropical Modern design for the home, typically, pairing local materials such as Jamaican wood and clay with the natural beauty of ‘very white’ porcelain. 

As a child, the designer and owner of BAUGHaus; Dana attended prep school on a farm with a beautiful beach at Paradise, Westmoreland . She marvelled and fell in love with what surrounded her and uses this everyday to create pieces that tell the story of Jamaica through her eyes. Dana has been creating for as long as she can remember and her creative talents were encouraged by her family which resulted in the desire to pursue a design-based business as her profession.

BAUGHaus LOVES making ‘pretty tings’ and hopes you enjoy them as much as they enjoy making them!