Cheryl Riley



Jersey City, NJ

Category: Fine Art
Location: North America

Cheryl R. Riley's art is concerned with similarities between seemingly disparate cultures through the lens of memory, history, iconography, rituals, attire, implements and symbols.  She is currently working on two sculpture series dealing with aspiration, transcendence, staging and representation. 

Cheryl's involvement with the art world is wide-ranging and long-standing.  Her public art projects are installed in San Francisco, Sacramento, Atlanta and New York.  

With artworks in the collections of connoisseurs as well as museums, including the Smithsonian and SFMoMA, she is a National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Individual Artist and Vermont Studio Center Civil Society Institute Fellowship Residency grant recipient.

Cheryl teaches and lectures at top art and design schools nationally. She served on the executive committees of museum and non-profit boards, as well as stints with grant-maker selection committees. 

She has written articles about artists of the African Diaspora and curates collections for private individuals and corporations while conducting periodic lectures on THE ART OF ART COLLECTING and THE ART OF BUSINESS.