Johanna Bramble Textiles

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Dakar, Senegal, Africa

Category: Textiles
Location: Africa

Johanna Bramble (1976, Paris) is a textile artist and designer who has been living in Dakar, Senegal for more than ten years. Drawn to Senegal by the country’s rich expertise in weaving and fabric, she opened a weaving workshop in Dakar and today work in collaboration with traditional senegalese weavers. The special feature of Senegalese weaving is a loom that requires the presence of two people, a weaver and an assistant. The rhythm of weaving produced by the coordination between the two – almost like a dance – is an integral aspect of the creation process, enabling complex and intrinsic pattern and color variations. Johanna Bramble’s commercial textile designs employ not only these native techniques but also symbolic geometric patterns, and oscillate between the country’s rich textile culture and modern interpretations. Constant evolution, metamorphosis and transformation are key elements of her artistic works. Incorporating new materials (from metal to fiber optics) into the traditional weaving universe expands the limits of hand weaving while also sparking new insights into the textile heritage.

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