Nur Ceramics

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Brooklyn, NY

Category: Ceramics
Location: North America

Nur Ceramics is a lifestyle ceramics line birthed out or personal journey into into the ceramics, culture and rituals of the Sahara.

Dina Nur Satti is the designer and maker behind Nur Ceramics, and producers every piece out of her studio. Growing up around the Somali and Sudanese traditions of her parents, ceramics were a part of everyday life and conveyed the daily rituals of life along the Sahara desert. Some of her earliest memories of ceramics were of her grandmother burning frankincense and sandalwood in makbhars, and clay amphoras known as zir placed outside of homes to provide water for travelers.

Dina's personal journey with ceramics is also a path to reconnecting with the indigenous culture of her homeland, as the Nubians of Northern Sudan and Southern Egypt were among the most legendary potters of the ancient world.

Her background studying African and Middle Eastern cultures and societies, and her lifelong interest in cultural anthropology are infused into the intention and symbolism behind her work. Through her ceramics, she strives to provide a window into the aesthetic brilliance and artistic sophistication of cultures that are often overlooked.